The Weight of His Glory

“Oh yes, he touched me..”

I laid on my couch in my Parents’ sitting room just after praying that morning. I had asked for God to tell me what he intended me to do. I remember Pastor Poju of Covenant Nation saying on Mixlr “Ask him, he will tell you”. And that he did. I could only gaze on him in awe as he laid his hands on my head three times, saying “Gospel, Gospel, Gospel”.
I did not know who had come to me then. I did think it was the Spirit of Yeshua but two years after I realized that it was my Lord Yeshua. Yeshua the man who is fully God. Encounter after encounter, it takes me years to unravel these experiences. They never leave me. How could they? How can I explain that I have looked upon Adonai? How can I explain that I have tasted a fraction of his Glory? Me?
I feel like the Prophet Isaiah, in Isaiah 53:1 “Who has believed our report. And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”
All of this sounds fantastic until you really understand the reason for this post.

And oh how it burns.

Sometimes I am at my work Desk and the urge to scream rises up in me. I wish I were permitted to say more but I would exhaust this space if I share all my experiences.

You must eat my flesh and drink my blood.

Meaning; you must have a part in me. You must share in everything. Like a couple shares in each other bodies. The bible records that they followed him no more. Only the 12 remained. The Cross is not a symbol of shame but one of glory for anyone who accepts the salvation provided by the sacrificial death of Yeshua. To carry one’s cross is not easy and on a day such as Good Friday, we are reminded of the agony of our Lord. It is the same death we must exert to our flesh not by nailing ourselves to a cross but by denying the world and its desires in much humility spoken of in Philippians 2. We are to emulate the example of Christ; to the despise the shame of suffering and look forward to the glory set before us just like he did.



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